T – 10 Hours

So over the past week, I don’t think I’ve really felt any sort of emotion of going to India. I would like to blame it on my 50% midterm that was 24hrs before I board. Although after it was done, I ended up having to rush back to pack and catch a greyhound home which did not leave any real feelings for india except the “I feel like I’m forgetting something” feeling. Anyway, speeding this up, I ended up packing 75% of a suitcase worth of stuff (the other 25% were things that Sarah forgot), in which another 25% was about 20 AIESEC t-shirts.

So the point of this post was to pass on advice for those who are looking into India for an internship. Dhruv Gupta, the LCP of AIESEC Delhi, asked to speak to me on skype. He then gave some VERY helpful tips:

1 – Email the people picking you up before you board so they know whether you will be on time or not
2 – Once you get off the plane, DO NOT leave the airport. Get a local sim card inside the airport and call whoever is suppose to pick you up. Since he mentioned that there’s no way for him to get in contact with me, I’m assuming this is before you leave with your luggage to the other side of the airport.
3 – Get the number of multiple contacts. In case something happens with your primary, at least you will have a backup plan.
4 – Get the local address of a couple of places. If for some reason you are unable to get in contact with anyone there, you have a destination you can meet at.

This was a 5 minute talk and I must say, Dhruv has gotten my adrenaline running!


So what are your thoughts about the post?

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