Luckily for me, my flight from Toronto to India was direct and so it was only 14 hours. Continuing with the luck, my seat was at the back of the plane and my row was empty which made it quite easy to stretch my legs. For those wondering, I took Air India which did things a little different than the other airlines I’ve taken (dont know which). The biggest difference was they had less attendants, but it worked out well because they placed snacks around the plane so all you had to do was walk there and get it yourself.

So, in my last post, I mentioned that the LCP of DI said to get a phone before leaving the airport because the airports big and crazy. It turns out that there was no place to get a phone in the airport so I just used a pay phone. Also, the big and crazy that was mentioned was more like a “where is everyone” type thing. It might have just been the time (5pm), but Toronto’s airport seems far busier.

The calling sure helped. DI was getting worried that something had happened (as the plane landed at 3) and there was also a change in people picking me up. I was looking for a big AIESEC sign (as I was told to find the AIESEC sign) but it turned out to be a small keychain (so yes, they found me with the purple shirt). Being welcomed with a flower necklace was quite the pleasant surprise and having 2VPs made it that much better.

I was expecting some crazy plans for the night, but it turned out that the EB had an 8hr meeting to prepare for so it was a quiet night. Although I was ready to start off like a mess, it’s nice to feel fresh.

EDIT: okay so let’s clarify some things about cell phones in India. In India, you must show your proof of citizenship or a passport to get a sim card. I thought that what Dhruv meant was get a prepaid phone, but what he meant was show your passport to get a sim card and prepay for a certain amount of money. So yes, you can get a phone at the airport, just show them your passport, fill out some paper work and you might also need a small picture of yourself for them to keep.


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