History? Not for me!

Day 3 was all about being with DU and working with their creative team. Their creative team was made just to do what I came here to do, to promote India. The 9 man team was put in place of marketing to Canada and so they have 2 people who are  always with their dslr and snapping picture of almost anything that I’ve done. We went to the India Gate, a monument created by the Queen of England in respect to the Indian soldiers who died fighting for Britain in WW1. So when we got to the gate,  we tried to get one of the guards to do tunuk tunuk with us, but the most we were able to do was to get the guard to be part of our short clip. We were, however, able to get a bunch of elementary school children to do tunuk tunuk  so that was a lot of fun.

After an hour or two at the monument, we went to see DU’s recruiting session. Their reality really is different because they need to get external venues to run the event. They were able to get a poorer elementary school as their venue, but I did not see anything wrong with the place. It was quite nice in its own way.

When DU’s recruiting session was over, we went off to get some lunch. Of course I had something Indian (which reminds me, I have pictures of all these things, but I do not remember what their called so I’ll get someone to help me out with that after I go back to Canada) and it was pretty good. Amplifier came on and DU was the only group in the restaurant. I had my camera out and ready but they refused to dance to it. Disappointment. After I recorded me saying “I hope DI isn’t as disappointing”, they were quiet. I think we were on the same page at that moment.

Feb 19 is Shiva’s birthday, a big god in India, and so we checked out his temple. The place was very big and nice, but besides that, I can’t say much (as I have stated, history is not my thing).

After the temple, we went to the “training house” which are apartment complexes that interns live in. There I met more of the interns and got to hear more of their stories. Also, as 2 interns were done their work and were leaving in the next 2 days, we went out to a karaoke bar. It was neat to see a good 15 – 20 interns socialize with each other. It really means that they do look out for one another and are enjoying their time.

Key takeaway – as DU and DI take in a total of over 500 interns a year,  they have partnered up with a group that helps with housing. The idea of GCDP paying for housing and food is not completely true here in Delhi as the interns will have to pay for their   accommodation and food. Of course, converting to CAD, that would be < 100 for rent a month, but that is still something that I was unaware of.


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