New meets Old

Man I should really do my posting prior to me sleeping…

So yesterday was more about me being an actual tourist. The goal was for me to check out Old Delhi as oppose to the current Delhi. Old Delhi felt like a completely different place than the rest of Delhi, however, I did not find it as old as what I was thinking. Personally I was thinking that they would be in clay huts, barely have any clothes, and chaotic. However, after walking through part of the place, I found out that only one of those three were correct. 

After getting out of the metro station, my mind was blown. It was amazing for the engineers to build a station in the middle of Old Delhi as Old Delhi is packed with people. The best way for me to describe the packed-ness is comparing it to boxing day, where walking is difficult. However, think of that with having richshaws, stalls and people manually transporting bags of goods that look like they’d be at least 70lbs with carts. It was chaotic, yet very organized. 

In front of the station, there was Old Delhi’s train station. We went into the station to check it out and man, was it busy. But I was very surprised by the fact that people were actually lining up and not all huddled all around the counter (like the metro booths). It got my brain thinking: people who are less fortunate seems to be more orderly than the ones who are more fortunate.

Continuing on my journey through the station, we walked onto one of the carts. It caught me off guard that people were able to just board as they will. There was also no one to check for tickets prior to boarding, but I guess that’s to show that no money is spent on hiring someone to do that. We finished off the tour with a McDonald’s soft serve. Of course the only reason was so that we could break our cash into smaller denominations. 

After fattening up our wallets, we headed off to a mosque inside Old Delhi. It was big and looked very nice, but other than that, there was nothing really special (told you I’m no a history person). What was interesting though was the fact that they asked people to pay 200 rupees to bring in their camera (which in India, is a lot). I guess it’s one way to help sustain their mosque (as in hopefully we weren’t jipped because they only targeted tourists).

There is a very famous place for food in Delhi known as Karim. Times magazine rates this as one of the top 50 places to eat in Asia. I was thinking if they had that type of attention that the price would be ridiculous, but it was actually like any other restaurant. But with the price being the same, the lines were a lot longer and we ended up waiting for 30mins for a seat. After getting our seats, I decided to test Time’s statement against what I felt was one of the best food and so I ordered a chicken curry with roti. While waiting for the food to arrive, I saw a a non Indian by herself. Thinking that she was a solo tourist, I approached her with the intent of getting a testimonial about India. When I asked if she’s heard of AIESEC, she nodded and I was shocked. After the 4min interview, I asked her how she heard of AIESEC and she told me that she did an internship through AIESEC in Chandigarh before.

The food was waiting for us when we got back to our seats and so I got them to record me trying one of the best places in India. Maybe it’s because I have a complete bias to Malaysian food, but the curry was not very tasty and the roti was quite hard. Sorry India, but Malaysia still has the better food in my opinion. 

As this post is becoming quite long, and as Old Delhi was the majority of the day, I’m just going to summarize the rest. We went to a stall for food and I ordered something. I thought that my stomach would be able to handle it, but sadly it was not at that level yet. It was however, a lot better than how I thought it was end up though. We also went to meet some of the interns again. As one of them was leaving in under 12 hours, a lot of the interns gathered together and just chilled. It was such a warm atmosphere and really touching. If I went on an internship, I could see this being one of my favourite times.

Oh, I never gave my thoughts about Old Delhi. When I first stepped foot in Old Delhi, I was a little worried about being pick pocked, but after 5minutes or so, seeing that they midded to their own business, I felt quite safe and so I really enjoyed my time there. However, I asked some of the interns about Old Delhi and they don’t like it so I guess it’s more of a personality thing. 

One last thing. I didn’t want to upload any pictures while I am here as their internet is not as good as ours and they don’t have as much bandwidth, but I felt like this needs to be my first picture.Image


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