So I finished my time with DU and am now working with DI. This was also the first time I was on a auto rickshaw by myself. Of course the driver was given directions to DI’s office along with a piece of paper with a number if he got lost. I must say, I don’t really understand how the meter  system works. at the beginning it was .05 rupees for .1 km but after a while it bounced up to .65 rupees/.1 km. I was skeptical about it but Dhruv (the LCP of DI) said the final number looked reasonable.

The DI office was big but empty. There was not much furnishing but I could see it being a great place to work and meet. It was there where I met their VP COMM (speaking of which, I don’t know why we call it COMM in Canada and they call it CIM (Communications and Information Management) in India) and we worked out visits to GCDP projects for the next couple of days. After that, I taught them Loca while they taught me another jive (whos name I forgot) and man was it fun. I can’t wait to thoroughly learn the jive and bring it back to Canada.

I thought that I would be homestaying with my first provider, but it turned out that there were other plans and that I would be staying with someone else. I was told multiple times of how lucky I am but I didn’t really understand it until I set foot on Sanna’s (my homestay provider) house. DI was telling me it was a big house on a farm (or so that’s how I interpreted it) and so I was thinking Canadian farm land and house, but this place was pretty much a very modern-smaller than mansion-type house. One part of me was amazed and wanted to take pictures, while another part of me was thinking that expectations would totally be off here for GCDP homestays (if that happens). I will not go into detail about the house but I will post pictures of it sometime when I get back.

So my night ended with me staying in the house (as it was a tad far for me to go anywhere) and talking to her brother. Her brother has quite an amazing history and started travelling alone into Europe at the age of 15. He has such an amazing history of his time at Oxford, but that doesn’t belong here.


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