Neglected Children

Finally checked out a NGO today and I must say, it looks like a great place to volunteer. The best part is, they plan on bringing in at least 30 students this summer so I figured it’d be nice if we can have at least 5 students from Canada. Not only do you get to work with children that are neglected by their families, but it’s  a great way to meet 29 other people from all over the world! Hopefully I get to check out more NGOs for the rest of this trip.

Why is there no school festival in Canada? Why are our campuses soooo ugly? So today I went to a college festival at some all girls school (of course they opened it up to everyone today). Although there wasn’t that much to do, it was nice to see a college get together to create an event. It was also nice to see DI’s EB to be so close that they ended up spending a whole night together (remember, it’s a Thursday so some still have classes the next day, yet some stayed around for 6 hours, while others literally stayed the night at Dhruv’s place) ; what a difference in reality. These guys are a lot of fun to be around so I’m trying to see if there’s a way for Canada to give our EPs the opportunity to be a member of DI while on an internship.

Oh random but DI seems to have a thing for this song, I must say it is quite catchy:


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