Bye Bye Delhi =(

Today was my last day  in Delhi (until I come back for a longer period of time) and the highlight was probably me going around myself.  I was told by many people that scarves here are amazing and I have also seen interns with really nice scarves for 200 rupees ($4) and so I went to buy a couple to bring back home. Sadly, DI was busy today and so no one was able to keep me company, but then again, it was nice to see how India really is like without being pampered (I don’t remember if this was mentioned before, but my time in India will not be the same as an EPs time in India, mainly because I was always on the LCs schedule where as an EP would be able to go around freely and probably not be on some sort of transit for 3-4hrs/ day) and it was a pretty nice feeling.

So after reaching the open market (which took 30 mins and 50 rupees), I wandered about checking out the different stalls. It’s always a good idea to check out the stalls first before impulsively buying at the first stall because it gives you a good idea as to how much the merchants are looking for so when you actually stop at a stall and start to bargain, you know that if the merchant ups the price that they’re taking advantage of you.   For those who don’t know, there aren’t many places in Canada where you can bargain and so my bargaining skills were mediocre (only reason it isn’t in-existent is because of the game Settlers of Catan). When I felt like it was time to make my move, I went to the stall that originally gave me the best price. I started off by just looking around and avoiding the ones that I was actually interested in just to see what types of prices he was going to quote me. My goal was to get 3 scarves – 2 plaids and one plain. Before the discussion began, the total was suppose to be 1250. (the plaids were 550 each) He told me that the plaids normally went for 950 each (which was somewhat true as there was another stall that said 950 to them). I first started off by going for one scarf, then adding another one to give me the “I’m buying more, give me a better discount” card to finally wanting 3. I felt like I would have been able to get it all for 800 (as he did seem to have some sorta boundary for prices when I added the 2nd and 3rd scarf) but it ended at 900.  As there were no locals with me, I don’t know how well I actually ended up doing, but hey, I’m satisfied with my purchases and my first time bargaining.

The other highlight of my day is my shoulders randomly aching. I don’t know why but I didn’t get a very good sleep because of that. Hopefully it disappears soon…

So now that I have spent my time at both LCs in Delhi, I would have to say that I personally prefer working with DI. This may be because of the fact that I have seen DI run at an EB level but I never had the chance to do that with DU. Also, DI always made sure that everything I needed / wanted to do was met and VPs were with me in general, where as DU had a team work with me but there were a couple of instances of other intentions with the team. Of course, from an EP’s perspective, all I have to say is find an opportunity that you would like to expose and go from there. It’s not hard to interact with either LC and you will still have the ability to get together with all the other EPs in India.

With all this being said, I can’t wait to find out how Chandigarh is like!


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