Hello Chandigarh

As yesterday was my last day in Delhi, one would’ve assumed that today would be my first in Chandigarh. However, this was not really the case. The bus that I initially wanted to catch was at 10am but by the time we went to book tickets, that time disappeared. The next bus was at 2:40pm and would take 5hrs to reach. However, travelling alone to the bus terminal and finding the right location took a little longer than I anticipated and so by the time I reached, there was no bus (I still got there 10mins early or so).  The line that I ended up waiting in had no salesmen, but it was the line to go to Chandigarh and there were people lined up both in front and behind me so I had the feeling that I was in the correct place. Luckily, there was a girl who was behind me and spoke fluent english so she told me that, according to the board on the counter, there is no timetable for this bus and it will show when it shows, and so the next one showed up 2hrs later. By then, I knew 3 people who all knew how to speak english and have traveled the world. The girl, swetu, had a masters in math and was currently in school to pass some test to become a professor. One of the guys works in Australia but is going to Chandigarh to visit family and the last guy was an AIESEC alum and is now a venture capitalist.

So the bus that we were waiting for was a volvo bus, which was like a greyhound but everything was leather. The non volvo busses were like the public transit busses but more worn down. So we left the station close to 5 and got to Chandigarh at 10. Speaking of the station, I was actually quite disappointed at the condition of the station. As Delhi’s only bus terminal, I would’ve thought that it would be a little more well kept, but there were no real directions and the place was quite dirty. Anyway, the 5hr ride was not too bad. The bus made one pit stop and everyone on the bus was pretty quiet. We also reached our destination on time.

People kept telling me Chandigarh was a very different place compared to Delhi, but when I saw it with my own eyes, I was totally confused. It literally felt that I was in a totally different country. There were far fewer cars, the roads were not littered with garbage and with every round about, there was some sort of greenery design in the centre. There were also lampposts that were fancier than the ones in Toronto. I later found out that it was a french architect who designed the layout of this city. On another note, Chandigarh as a city calls its nights before 10 so by the time I got here, we were headed back home (but then again, we needed to wake up at 630am).


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