Different Focus

Holy! Chandigarh and Delhi are so different! In Chandigarh, they go to sleep by midnight and are up by 8. In fact, there was an AIESEC mentor group that met at 6am! Try getting that to happen anywhere else…

Chandigarh’s hiring process is so different from Laurier’s and probably from Canada’s. In Chandigarh, they introduced their new members to world issues like gender rights, AIDS/HIV, education etc. They then introduced AIESEC as a social enterprise that helps conquers those issues. it was actually very interesting and that is something that I would like to see happen in both Laurier and Canada, except that could be more of a marketing strategy for EPs. By focusing on some of these topics, we could get Canadians who get engaged and want to personally make a difference. Then we could show them that there are ways to take action, particularly through certain projects in AIESEC. This seems like a much better idea than just telling someone that they could go on a GCDP to volunteer.

As mentioned in the past, Laurier has an EP in Chandigarh – Sarah Hummel.. I finally saw her today and boy does she look like she’s having a swell time. There has been a couple of setbacks with her internship but she has the support of both AIESEC Laurier and AIESEC Chandigarh and so it’s been going pretty well. She has so many stories to share so make sure you check out her blog!

Chandigarh’s EB is 16 large and boy, can discussions get heated. It makes me glad that Laurier’s EB is only 7.

EDIT: as I have more time than I expected with internet, I shall continue:

So I realized that all the EBs that I have met in India use blackberries, which makes me wonder: why is Research in Motion not a sponsor for AIESEC Canada, if not AIESEC International? I mean if most members in AIESEC are to use blackberries then communication would be so much easier. It’d also help out RIM as they do need to somehow improve their market share. Don’t mind me, this is just food for thought for myself.

It’s weird how much energy jives give you regardless of what time it is. India has so many jives that I want to learn and so I will need to sit down (well jive it up) with Deeksha, VP OGX of AIESEC Chandigarh. She loves jives and claims that she knows most of them. My other favourite part about AIESEC sessions are the motivational videos. AIESEC Chandigarh showed a couple throughout the day, but I still think that the one from AIESEC Canada’s NC2012 is my favourite. So my next question is: jives and motivational videos are always part of an AIESEC conference, why do we not have a section in myaiesec.net that contains those links or files?

Oh one last thing.  As I am a FACI for RYLC, I will be going the Amritsar tomorrow and so I do not know if I will have the time or energy to blog. If not, I will try to write it down somewhere and blog it all once I’m back in Canada… so sad to think that my time here is almost over =(


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