Summer Goals

So I will be in Toronto this summer due to co-op. I’m working at Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan in the Quantitative Research team. But this isn’t going to be about my job, but about the goals for this summer. Ever since I began AIESEC, I’ve been looking at things in so many new perspectives and one of the biggest things is setting expectations and goals. This is why, for the first time, I will be setting goals and expectations of myself for the next four months.

So one thing that I’ve always dumped any excuse on was the fact that I am terrible with names and languages. Like truthfully, I don’t remember anyone’s name from India except the people I was in constant contact with. It was the same with NC and NLDC, I don’t think I remembered any new names unless I’m somehow talking to you on a weekly basis now.  And of course, I feel terrible for that. Which is why, this summer will be the summer where my memory improves and I can actually start saying “(insert name)”.

Another goal of mine is to start learning more about efficiency. Yes, when I commit to something, it’s usually done on time, but it doesn’t mean what I’m doing adds any value to anything at the end of the day. This doesn’t really apply right now with my life, like yes, I guess one could argue that some of the things that I’m doing in COMM will not add as much value as some others, but my role is more to provide quality experiences where my members will be able to define and contribute to our goals. Plus, who knows where some of these initiatives could take AIESEC in the future.

And of course, I’m still having a blast being on twitter. I love reading all these management, leadership, motivation articles and finding ways to put it to use with my team. So far, with what I’ve learned and attempted to apply, my team’s taken a liking to it.

As for more of an AIESEC goal, it’s time to really make AIESEC the known gem of university. By the end of summer, I’m hoping to have 10% of our student population knowing what AIESEC is and having at least 3% of them interacting with us in one way or another. Our student population is about 16000 (yes, it is a small university) so having 1600 and 480 people respectively doesn’t seem like too crazy of a goal (right now, I’m assuming about 3% of the school population knows about us and .53% has had some sort of engagement with us). How you ask? Ask me in person. I want you guys to question my methods so I can improve them and I know that if I just post it, majority of people will just think it to themselves.

As for more fun goals, I want to go cliff jumping, white water rafting, do some road trips and camping. Sadly, none of these have set dates yet… If any of you would like to join or would like to invite me to join, it’d help a lot 😉

Well that’s it for now.


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