Cliff Jumping in Hong Kong

People have told me to wrap up my journeys in Asia with a bang, but I preferred doing it with a splash. Cliff jumping was actually the first thing that I looked up prior to getting to Hong Kong. It has been on my bucket list for years now and with my final full day in Asia, it has taken first spot in favourite thing in Hong Kong.

As many other websites and blogs mention, there is only one place that you can jump off a cliff into water safely and that place is in Sai Kung. Known as the Sheung Luk stream in Sai Wan, Sai Kung, it contained an 8 meter cliff that led right into a glimmering pond that would take less than 30 seconds to swim out of.

Prior to actually jumping off the cliff, I knew it was 8 meters, but at the same time, I didn’t really know what 8 meters looked like. However, only when I got to the top and peered my head over, did I realize what 26 feet really meant. There was definitely a couple of pauses between my head looking over the cliff and my body over the cliff, but knowing that I would be left in a state of regret if I did not take the plunge got my feet running off the 2 meter rock and flailing in the air. That first jump felt like it lasted seconds, but the moment my head was submerged, I knew this day has just begun.

First ever cliff jump
This picture here was actually my first ever cliff jump


Climbing cliffs and rocks is dangerous, especially when there is moisture, and can lead to serious injury or death. Jumping from cliffs and rocks into water is also dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death. Check water depths and never jump when someone is below you. Know your own limitations and do not let yourself get pressured in taking the plunge if you’re not ready. Also, do not do anything stupid, if something were to happen to you, there might be enough pressure for the cliff to be off limits, which would ruin the fun for everyone.


There are a couple of blogs with decent directions to the area, but after trying to follow them, I felt that there are a couple of improvements that could be met. So here’s how you can get to Shueng Luk stream:

Take the MTR to Choi Hung (green line), get out at Exit C and get the 1A Green Minibus to Sai Kung (40 mins, $8)
Choi Hung MTR

Get off at the McDonalds that would be on your right side. I would assume it’s the second last main stop that people will get off at, but majority of the people (locals) on the minibus got off here.
Get off at McDonalds

Go around to the front of the McDonalds and you should see a ghetto looking sign for the 29R minibus, take it to Sai Wan Pavilion (30 mins, $15, should be last stop but did not confirm)
29R Minibus
Note: this minibus is not like the majority in Hong Kong such that it only runs from this stop to Sai Wan Pavilion 4 times a day: 8:30, 9:15, 11:30 and 15:30. If you happen to miss this bus, you would need to take a taxi ($90)

Sai Wan Pavilion
Sai Wan Pavilion

Walk on the path to your left for about 40 minutes to reach Sai Wan beach.

Half way point
Half way point along the path

Walk pass the stores and reach a longer beach of Sai Wan where you should see a stone bridge at the end of it. The opening to Sheung Luk stream is hidden in shrubs next the stone bridge BEFORE crossing the bridge.

Follow the stream upwards and you will eventually hit rocks. Trek through the rocks until you see a sign that says “caution, deep water”. This is the place. (10 mins)
Cliff Jumping in Hong Kong

Note: in order to reach the top of the cliff, take the path on the left up and around. Avoid stepping in the water as it can be very slippery. Have fun!

Getting Back

You will easily lose time once you start jumping but remember, the last bus from Sai Wan Pavilion on a weekday is 16:45. If you miss that bus, people have said you can instead cross the stone bridge, follow the MacLehose Trail to Ham Tin Wan (30 mins) and take a speedboat back to Sai Kung Town. ($100 per person, 30mins).


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  5. It’s funny. Abuse I have family out there and the first time I went to visit this place wasent really known about lol used to jump off and do backflips shit like that all the time just for laughs it’s awesome I defiantly recommended it if your visiting

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