Learn in 10 Minutes, Use for Life

What if your daily life can be changed for the better by learning something now in 10 minutes? That was the question asked on Quora and here were the responses.

Haven’t actually scanned through everything, the ones that I found really useful were: (topic – author <-makes it easy to search)

  • Speed read – Raj Rai
  • Peg System (list memory) – Mohammad Zeeshan
  • Butcher a whole chicken with 6 cuts
  • Tying Knots (would’ve saved me a lot of trouble when I went camping)- Roy Blumenthal
  • How to make small talk

    Which ones would change your life going forward?

  • 2 responses to “Learn in 10 Minutes, Use for Life

    1. The skills that you listed are ones that can be learned over time with experience – but a very long time at that. It’s really amazing how humans are able to find more efficient ways to learn the same skills though. I know this reply wouldn’t generate much discussion but every one of these skills would change my life in various aspects.

      How about yourself?

      • I agree, all of these were really interesting nice to knows. Of the five that I mentioned, all of them (besides butcher chicken – that was just interesting) are all skills I’d like to improve / have.

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