[Productivity] Task and Project Management App Recommendation

I was introduced to a program called Asana just under a year ago and I must say, this is one of my favourite programs available for personal and team use. Asana, a task and project management can have up to 15 users per “group” in the free version. Each group can hold, to my knowledge, an unlimited amount of projects.

A little more about Asana that I like:

  • Each task can be assigned a main lead and multiple followers
  • Your Asana inbox will go blue when there’s an update from something that you’re following
  • You can create subtasks in a task
  • Clicking on your teammates will instantly populate everything that they are responsible for
  • You can check off each task as they are completed
  • They have apps for the apple products. Not too sure about other devices
  • Everything is on the cloud so you can sign in anywhere and have all the information
  • You are able to attach files via upload, dropbox or google drive

    For my uses in AIESEC, my teams are always under 15 so this makes it the perfect way to keep track of everything from meetings to actual project management.

    Tracking Meetings

    By creating a project known as meetings, I can easily create each task to be the “minutes” of a meeting and then create sub tasks for each meeting for next steps. This is a quick way for everyone to know what each meeting was about and when next steps are completed.

    Project Management

    Right now as a team lead in marketing and communications for the national support team of AIESEC Canada, we have multiple projects on the fly with different teams. What I have done to make it easier to keep up to date is create one project known as the list of projects / list of proposals for projects. I have also created two headers for primary project and secondary project. I would then move projects around as time goes by so everyone knows what the primary focus is and what to do on the side.

    To further expand on this idea, I would then create a new project for the primary and secondary projects and put down all the tasks for each phase along with who should be in charge. This helps everyone see where we are headed and where we are currently.


    Some things that they do not have (just yet hopefully) is a general calendar view that shows everyone’s due dates. It would be awesome to have that as then big projects can easily be broken down visually. Another thing that would be neat to have is the ability to create dependencies. But I know Asana is constantly adding new features (newest one is the ability to track time for billing purposes) so who knows, maybe these features will be released one day.


    If you are looking for a way to track your team and a way to just have all responsibilities and next steps out there so there are no communication errors, this is a great tool. I know this has helped me see exactly what responsibilities my team has so when new requests are made I can quickly look at our schedule and give a response. Most importantly, it gives you a lot of free member space which works well if you want to invite other people who might be working with you on certain projects.

    What are your thoughts? What challenges do you think Asana would be a great solution for and what is still lacking? Are there any other recommendations for apps similar to Asana?

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