My AIESEC Story Part 1

As the blindfolds went on and the doors were open, the whole body becomes completely sensitive trying to find hints of what will happen while being led to what must have been the middle of the room. Feeling the change of surface, I knew it was about to begin.

The chant started. The chant I’ve heard dozens of times in Canada a year before. However, this time around, everything sounded much more foreign. But the moment the word “hey” was heard, I closed me eyes, thought to myself that this will always be a memory regardless of the result. Then it happened.


Let’s start at the beginning, right back to September 2011. September… a period of transition. For those who’ve been there before – they look forward to seeing all their friends again. For those coming from high school – they are worried about making new friends and doing well in school. For me, a person who just transferred from the University of Waterloo, I was trying to find that new set of friends. The foreigner feeling was evident. The atmosphere very different and the people a lot more lively. However, with me coming from a very different environment, I found it hard to fit in; hard to find people that I could related to right away. There were no events that made it easy to meet new people and so I turned to the business website and decided to find a club to join. That’s right people, I found out about AIESEC only on the basis that it starts with an A…

Going to my first info session, I was greeted by some 6ft tall white guy sitting on a table. “Heya, are you here for AIESEC’s info session” (or something along those lines). Nodding I took a seat and shortly after, the session began. However, it began quite differently. It began with music and all of a sudden a couple of people were dancing to it as if it was choreographed. “What exactly is this” was my first thought and after a second song started, I figured I might as well join in. After all, what other club on campus would do something like this.

This is one of the first AIESEC dances I was ever introduced to – Shine On, created by someone from the UK, first introduced in India.

Fast forward to November. Now regularly spending one to three days with the executive team in AIESEC, I somehow found myself accepting to become the Vice President of Communications; not really because I wanted to do communications, but mainly because these guys always soent so much time on AIESEC, it made me want to get involved. That being said, I was probably the most useless VP. Having no idea what a VP of Communications was suppose to do, I spent more time trying to find ways to get information from portfolio to portfolio (cause ya know – lack of communication = VP Communication…). November was also the first time I presented in front of a group of professionals – the board of advisors. Within each local chapter in AIESEC, there must be a board of advisors and the executive team must have a quarterly update with them. The board consists of AIESEC alumnus, professionals in the city and possibly professors. Laurier’s board consisted both of AIESEC alumnus and non AIESECers with one big commong theme – they were all professionals within the KW region. That being said, I had to update them on what’s happened the last quarter (which was essentially nothing). It was ridiculous how bad I was at talking to them. I literally could not get through a sentence without stuttering. My face was also probably alcohol red. However, surviving that night, I knew what I wanted out of AIESEC – the ability to communicate with various people regardless of position. I finally found my first why. My first reason for committing myself into situations where fear is evident.


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