100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler


If you were asked to walk on a 2 by 4 and you had all the skills required, you can do it – however if it was the same task but at 100 feet, all of a sudden it becomes much harder – the reason is because you went from focusing on the task to focusing on the fear


“People who strive for something personally significant, whether it’s learning a new craft, changing careers, or raising moral children, are far happier than those who don’t have strong dreams or aspirations. Find a happy person, and you will find a project” – Sonja Lyubomirsky


Create your own plans in advance so that your life will respond to you – don’t wait to respond to life


“The greater part of courage is having it done before” – Steve Chandler and if you need another one, “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” – G.K. Chesterton


We all know that the news focuses on the negativity in the world so why would you feed your brain that? Instead, “Make your own news. Be your own breaking story. Don’t look to the media to tell you what’s happening in your life. Be what’s happening.” – Steve Chandler


“Pain happens; suffering is optional. You can choose thoughts that bring you relief rather than imprisonment” – Alan Cohan
“Optimism is by nature expansive—it opens door after door to what’s possible. Pessimism is just the opposite—it is constrictive. It shuts the door on possibility. If you really want to open up your life and motivate yourself to succeed, become an optimistic thinker.” – Steve Chandler


Taking things lightly is the most spiritually advance thing you can do for yourself


It’s not “don’t worry”, but “don’t just worry”
As Steve Chalder puts it: “Most of my life, I spent my time asking myself the wrong question every time I worried. I asked myself, “What should I be feeling about this?” I finally discovered that I was much happier when I started asking, instead, “What can I do about this?””


Your actions will determine your emotions – if you’re sad, ask yourself what you would be doing if you were happy, and then do it – you’ll start to notice a difference 5 – 10 – 15 minutes later

My Take Aways

I am very impressed with the amount of quotes I ended up using. It wasn’t because I couldn’t put it into my own words, but the quotes were just so powerful that I had to share it. Koodos to Brian for doing a PN on this book, and I would have to agree with him, I’m glad I found it. It’s not like these quotes provided me with a paradigm shift, but they just provided motivation – just like the title of the book suggested. It’s actually quite funny – yesterday I was feeling a bit down for no particular reason but a few minutes later, I asked myself “what would the happy me be doing”. I then got my butt off the couch and moved it to the chair and started listening to the audio book accelerate your learning techniques. Next thing I knew, I was back to myself – super excited to be learning. Before I deviate too much – the point there was it didn’t even take me 5 minutes to get back in my groove!

That said, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself is definitely a book I want to read, if not for new ideas and inspiration, for the quotes that Steve has created. If you are also interested in this book, please buy it via Amazon (please note that I will be getting a small amount from Amazon, though it does not affect how much you pay – Amazon just makes less money than if you were to go onto the website yourself). I also suggest you check out the actual Philosopher’s Notes (note they even have courses that consolidate many of the concepts in the books that Brian Joshnson covers and puts them into videos that are really easy to digest). This is the first program that I’ve signed up for and am definitely getting my money’s worth!


So what are your thoughts about the post?

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