Life Visioning by Michael Beckwith


“What we “should” be is pumped into us from outside sources. What we are meant to be is already living at our center and is what we are seeking to discover through the Visioning Process.” – Michael Beckwith
It was definitely hard for me to see the difference when I was first consciously faced with this challenge. However, once I realized that I was just doing certain things to please certain people, I stopped and asked myself what exactly it was that I wanted. It’s getting a little bit easier, but I’m sure there are certain things that are still being done because of external influence.
That said, sit down, write out what you’re thinking and then examine each argument you have. Is that really what you want. what you believer you want, or what you feel like is acceptable in society?


“When we cultivate the five foundational qualities that enhance the practice of [Life Visioning Practice], we open the door to vitalizing the mind, heart, and consciousness in ways that successfully motivate us to accelerate and accept the new into our life.”” – Michael Beckwith

  1. intention or willingness
  2. receptivity or reverential alertness
  3. acceptance of and surrender to what is revealed
  4. the self-discipline to take action on what is revealed
  5. gratitude that we already have all that we need to take the next step in our evolution

Not much was mentioned besides to refer to the book. I don’t fully understand what each of these mean and whether I’ve created a foundation for each of these qualities…


A chart was provided this time by Brian Johnson. But the 4 main stages are: To Me -> To It -> Through Me -> As Me
Based off the chart, I would say I’m between stages two and three. However, I will need to read into each of those a bit more to have a better understanding of what it entails.


With technology today, it’s really easy to constantly get sidetracked and next thing you know – it’s time for bed. We should all take more time to disconnect ourselves to our electronics and spend time getting to know ourselves.


“On occasions when you find yourself witnessing excellence, do you ever wonder why it has the power to bring tears to one’s eyes? I believe it is because it strikes the chord of excellence within us.” – Michael Beckwith
I definitely notice myself tearing up much more now than I used to a few years ago… heck – even last year. Even though I teared up, I was never sure why it happened, but now when I do, I will definitely take a moment to reflect to see if it’s because it inspired something within!


“It requires self-discipline to set aside time for meditation practice, to make it a daily priority in one’s life. In our hyperactive society, it can be considered an act of spiritual chutzpah to turn off the cell phone, television, computer, and iPod and to sit and seemingly do nothing.” – Michael Beckwith
Meditation is the one habit that I have not missed for over 2 months now (since I started having my habits goal). If I only have time for one of these habits (which, realistically, isn’t ever going to be true since I should have more than 20 minutes to myself a day), this is the one I will choose day in day out. Although you don’t notice any differences, I know that something about me has changed since I started this practice.


“What is the highest vision for my life? What seeks to emerge in, through, and as my life?”
This is still a question that I have troubles coming to an answer with. I know that I should have an ultimate vision for myself, and I know what I want to be, but I don’t know how to put it into a statement. It seems like Beckwith actually goes through the whole process in the book so something for me to consider.

My Take Aways

There were a few topics that I did not understand. I’m sure Brian Johnson placed it in the PN for a reason so there is definitely a need for me to further explore these topics. That and the I do need help coming up with my answer to the ultimate question: what is the highest vision for my life. Given that majority of these topics are unknown to me, it’s definitely a book that I need to pick up and learn more about. If you’re as equally confused, maybe it’s something for you to pick up as well. Though if you’re just starting on your own journey, this might not be the book you should start with (take this with an ocean’s worth of salt – I’ve only started this journey in the last few months). If you are interested in Life Visioning, you can get the book here (please note that I will be getting a small amount from Amazon, though it does not affect how much you pay – Amazon just makes less money than if you were to go onto the website yourself). I also suggest you check out the actual Philosopher’s Notes (note they even have courses that consolidate many of the concepts in the books that Brian Joshnson covers and puts them into videos that are really easy to digest). This is the first program that I’ve signed up for and am definitely getting my money’s worth!

Please let me know what your thoughts on this is and if you have more insights on some of these topics – please share!


So what are your thoughts about the post?

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